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Brutally Honest Marketer


My dear solopreneur, (The hustler)

You know what – most of the marketing advices over the internet are worthless, shitty, and most of them are nonexecutable. I know I’m starting a little harsh, but I’m brutally honest about marketing. Only a handful of marketers are giving out rightful insights and actionable ideas. But this marketing blog is unique. Why?

Well, I desinged this blog, especially for solopreneurs or the hustlers’ tribe. The one-man/woman army. (No gender bias, business is for anyone.)

If you’re a hustler – a solopreneur, trying to launch your product, or grow your tribe, and boost your business rapidly. You must read this blog; it has everything you needed, except the fluff. 

You’ll get to read the practical advices backed with real stories & research to grow your business single-handedly. There will no rules because, being a solopreneur, I know we hate rules, but we need tools to fit our situations. So I’ll provide you with the right tools for your ugliest problems. And many more ideas.

Three outcomes to be a reader of this blog –


1-) Save Time:- You’ll save your time by reading only the necessary tips.

2-) Earn Money:- The reader of this blog will earn money by executing the rightful ideas.

3-) Save Efforts:- Save unnecessary efforts of researching the right marketing tools and trends.

Who the hell I am to teach you about the life of a solopreneur?


Well, I’m a solopreneur by my work, not merely a self-proclaimed marketing guru. Like you, I also faced hundreds of thousands of problems. I also failed in multiple businesses (precisely three out of five), and I even won many deals.

I’ve learned everything about growing as a solopreneur by my own investments, failures, and wins. So, I’m the right sane person to give you the most practical advices to run a solo business. And one of the bible advices is as follows –

“Execute your plans immediately.”

That’s right. Don’t wait for the right time or the right amount of cash in your pocket; there will be no right time. If you’ve got an idea, you trust your product, and you have got a plan – Execute it, test it. 

But if you fail, alter it, if pass expands the project, and if failed thrice – move to another plan. That’s the most practical advice I give to every hustler who wants to start their business and live a dream life. But that’s not it.

I want to create this blog as an ocean of marketing advices with the strong base of fundamentals. No BS, no random fluffy stuff.

What will you get here?


I’ll show you the steps to launch your products.

I’ll share the most practical advices for early-stage start-up marketing.

I’ll load you with the right tools to fit your business problems.

I’ll help you to build a dream team (remote or outsourced)

I’ll guide you to choose the right block to fit the puzzle of your business.

I’ll help you execute your ideas instantly and cut your competitions with the sharp-edged sword of sales & marketing.

I’ll show you the top 20% efforts to nourish 80% results.

Not only that. You’ll discover the time-proven secrets of growth hacking in upcoming days.

And You’ll get to know –

How to raise more money from your early-stage customers!

How to attract more customers to your website without breaking your bank.

A great secret to turn your local newspaper into your personal goldmine.

How to build a community around your product!!

What are the most important metrics to measure the growth of your business?

How can 90 seconds of video grow your business?

How to get the most out of fewer efforts?

How to grow your personal community via emails, no social media is needed!

How to write the best response ads for your products?

Ultimate marketing guide that grows your business every six months.

And much, much more!

If you want to launch a product or grow your business rapidly, you must take this blog as a marketing bible. Save it on your chrome extension or copy the web address in your most safe document file. And remember one crucial use of the bible –

“You don’t need to read it daily, but when you fall in a problem, open the right page, the right paragarph, and you’ll find your best fit solution.”

Anyway, that’s just a small sample of what you will find on this blog. Take most out of my knowledge, research, and experience. I’ll give my best to reach you with bold ideas, exceptional advices, and neverending inspirations.

Did I tell you that you have to follow some rules? Ah! Rules suck, and we both hate them. But these are the soul of running an ethical business and getting the most out of this marketing blog. So if you want to launch your fascinating product or want me to help you grow your business 10 times. You need to understand some rules-

Rule #1 -You need to be honest with your product, business, and customers.

Rule #2 – Time is precious for both of us; respect that. I write well-researched articles, guides, and reports, you read them, word-by-word.

Rule #3 – Don’t merely read and forget. Apply any or many ideas you get from my blog. Apply it, test it, and, if required, let me know the results. (Not mandatory although.)

That’s it. You need not worry anymore; I designed this blog with one clear objective –

“Kill the bullshit, and do only the most important things to grow your START-UP Exponentially.”

So, If you’re convinced now to read this marketing blog as your regular marketing bible. Let me burn any of your doubts.

Will you only provide executable ideas?

Yes, but before that, I’ll nourish you and train you with the fundamentals to use all of them.

What will happen if we fail to read any blog post?

You never need to read all of them. Look, I’m brutally honest about running a business. And you don’t have the time to do everything by yourself and at the same time rad every blog post. Read-only, the best fit for your present problem, once solved, come to find another solution, and so on.

Why trust me?

Well, that’s a tricky question to answer, but I’ll definetly answer it. First, I’m the brutally honest marketer; I only share the sincere advices with the most practical ideas. Second, I know the stuff, either I do my research to back every advice, or I execute them by myself. So you’ve me covering you from the severe failures.

What happened if I get bored?

Dance on an old song, or get out for a long drive. Do anything that makes you happy. But if you get bored on my blog, you always have a chance to read one out of many story-based case-studies, and you still have another blog post to entertain you with mind-blowing facts and crazy proofs. 

But if you still get bored, come on, close my blog for some days, and come back later when I get some new stories for you. (Don’t forget to subscribe to me for that.)

Finally, you’ve to move your butts and do all the hard work to live a dream life. I’ll definetly guide you with the helpful resources, but you have to do it.

My newsletter is much awesome than my blog. (Because I’ll write a personal letter to all of my hustling subscribers every week without fail. It will be more than a tip or a trick – subscribe to my newsletter get the inspiration.)



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